Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Studio Tour {MamaBowers}

 When we were house hunting for our first home my list of wants was much larger than my list of needs. It's fun to dream of places and spaces that you can finally call your own. The first time I laid eyes on the interior of our house I knew it was "the one".
My favorite piece of furniture holds my tiny ironing board, and a few old suitcases filled with vintage sheets.
 With three living areas, one of those being a formal dining and living room, I knew it had plenty of space for our family to spread out and grow. And because we aren't really formal living or dining room people that space became the family craft space.

I adore hoop art. Each of these has a special memory or meaning, and that makes all the difference.
 We filled one half with books, cozy places to read, and plenty of crafting supplies for the kids, the other half became all mine. And it was a dream come true.
An inexpensive dresser from IKEA holds a multitude of supplies.
 I have had a lot of fun over the last 2 years turning this room into a place where I can feel inspired and where I truly love to be any chance I find the time. I love to collect things, but over the course of my life I've realized that if I have to stare at little collections everyday the clutteriness of it will drive me crazy!
This yellow dresser was listed on an estate sale website, a 40 minute drive later and she was mine. Totally worth it, she holds almost all of my fabric, though it's normally spilling out the front!
 So to keep me sane, and the rest of my house looking relatively neat, I keep all my collections on display in my room. It makes for a very happy and colorful space.
Quite possibly my most favorite corner in our whole house.
 I love being able to look around and see things given to me or made by friends, and I love to see things that I've made. It helps remind me on days when I'm feeling blocked that I do have the potential to make things, even if I feel like I will never touch my sewing machine again!
A thrifted crewel piece, a re-purposed frame, and the "map" for my Mom's queen sized quilt (my latest BIG project).
Every item has a story and a memory attached. Those are the best kinds of things. I'm definitely a sentimental person. I think that comes from moving around a lot as a child. I hold on to memories as best I can. (and it's very rarely this clean, I am a seriously messy crafter, but when it is I just want to dig in a mess it all up!)
$30 dresser took a lot of love, time (and paint), but in the end it was SO worth it. I will never tire of this piece, or of my B collection!
 All those years of having only a corner of the closet to keep my supplies, and having to lug it all out to the kitchen table to use it, only to have to clean it up before the next meal, has allowed me to be very grateful for this space I now call my own.
Using an old wooden toolbox as a catch-all makes the clutter not seem so bad. Always a few frames waiting to be painted hanging around!
I hope you are able to find a corner of your own home to call your own and create away. Even if it is just a few drawers in the closet and the kitchen table, creating is so good for the soul!


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Mrs. L said...

LOVE your crafting space. Mine is so small and so full of stuff that it's hard to find stuff. I need to purge!