Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Organizing MUST be cute......continued!

Okay so its been a week since I got that cute HUGE frame to use as an idea/to do board and I'm just too excited to contain! I spent all week looking for the perfect paint, and I think I finally found it.  Here is my inspiration color that I was trying to match.....
See the vase? It is the perfect color to go against my Sea Foam green wall!! The only problem? I went through a cherry red before I got to this color and so we actually ended up painting it twice....once with the "almost right" color and once with the "perfect right" color!! It is Valspar red from Lowes and it is aaaaaammmmazzzing!!!!!
Just a reminder, here is the before....

And here is the after.....

I'm sooooo happy with the way it turned out! Now to figure out what I am going to do with the center! It seems big metal pieces at the hardware store are quite pricey, so I will have to get creative for sure!
But for now, I am just enjoying the color and I will think about the rest tomorrow!
till next time..........Penny :) 

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