Thursday, July 18, 2013

Button Organization

Can I get a shout out from all of my OCD fans out there?!  This girl right here is super OCD when it comes to being organized.  It may not always show in my house because I have 3 young children and a husband who loves to shove random stuff in random places, but I like being organized.  There's nothing worse than looking for something you can't find!!  So this post shouldn't surprise you when I tell you that my buttons are organized by color.  I recently bought a new button organizer and I LOVE it!  I used to have 2 small organizers, similar to something you store your beads in but I needed an upgrade.  With all of the button art I keep making, it was time to find something new.  Luckily, I was at Joanns the other night during Coupon Commotion when I spotted this amazing caddy!!  
Below you can see how my buttons are organized by color.  They are all in their own storage box.  Before I would try and dig my fatty little fingers in the thinly rowed box and inevitably it would allow the purple buttons to be mixed with the pink, which of course is a no-no. 

The storage container is meant for storing and organizing your 4x6 pictures but now it's dual purpose!  

AND you can close it all up, latch it, and carry it around!  Isn't it so awesome!!  I'm absolutely in love with it!  Plus, using a coupon I was able to get for $20!
 You may have seen my other post about Button Art, so I thought I would add a fun tip for you to use.  I love using buttons as accents.  Here you can see I used a few buttons to embellish this E hoop art I made for my home.  The silver button is an antique button from my great grandma that adds even more special meaning for me.  
Until next time, have fun creating, organizing and crafting!  Send us your pics of ways you have used buttons as art at!  We might feature your project next!

Over and out! Shellie

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