Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Poppin' tags...at my favorite thrift stores

I love to thrift, LOVE it! There is nothing quite like the thrill I feel when I find something I've been needing (or wanting) at an incredible price! Probably over 70% of my home decor, if not more (I'm too lazy to check, ha!) is thrifted, and you can't even tell! I find my second hand treasures at many different places. Beside the obvious garage sales, there are a handful of thrift stores in my town that I try to frequent on a semi-regular basis.

I encourage you to hunt out some thrift stores in your town, you may be surprised at how many there are! And if you're in the local area (Arlington, TX) then you are in luck! Because I am going to link to all my favorite treasure spots here for you!

1. Kiddo's Kloset (2223 W. Park Row Dr. Arlington, TX 76013): It's not a thrift store, it's a kids and women's clothing resale shop, but it's definitely my favorite place right now! I always find amazing clothes for my oldest (9) and they are constantly having great sales. You can sign up for emails and they will let you know what the deal of the week is. Totally worth a look if you are in the mood to save a buck (or $20) on some brand name clothes for your kids!

2. Thrift Town (1517 E. Abram St Arlington, TX 76010): Don't be fooled by the janky exterior. This place is a gem! Super clean (as far as thrift stores go) and very organize. I never walk out of here without a treasure or two. I'm always finding empty frames begging for spray paint for .69! They have a great selection of clothes, and are always having sales on top of the normal weekly color tags at 50% off.

3. Dollars and Sense thrift and gift (2401 W Pioneer Pkwy, Pantego, TX 76013): Small, but clean and packed full of stuff. I can always count on walking out with a squeal worthy steal when I leave this place. They have a little bit of everything, and just expanded their furniture section. Also, the proceeds from this store benefit a local private school for children over the age of six with Downs Syndrome. Shopping for a good cause AND saving money? Win/win!

4. Salvation Army (1301 E. Abram St. Arlington, TX 76010): Absolutely THE place to go if you are in search of furniture! This is the closest one to my house, but any Salvation Army family store I've ever been in always has a great selection of furniture to choose from, and generally always good prices!

This is seriously just a sampling of the many places around town, but those are my favorite! Here are a few more that may be worth checking out if you have time time:

1. Collins Park Thrift (817 E. Park Row Dr. Arlington, 76010)
2. Veteran's thrift (1304 W. Arkansas Ln, Arlington TX 76013)
3.The Estate Warehouse (3008 W. Division Ste B, Arlington TX 76012): LOVE this place.
4. Nu 2U Resale (2400 W Pioneer Pkwy, Arlington 76013)
5. Texas Thrift (2100 S. Cooper Arlington 76013)
6. Goodwill (1100 W. Arkansas Ln. Arlington 76013) My least favorite, but no list is complete without it!

There are two more, that I've seen driving around town, but the names escape me, and I can't find them on Google! I guess those are meant to be saved for another post, another day! There are also numerous ones outside my city limits, that's the beauty of living in a metroplex, lots and lots of thrift stores to choose from!

I hope this helps you get started on a new thrifting adventure. You never know what treasures you will find, so ditch the kids (it's easier to dig without them, let's be honest) or pack some snacks to keep them busy, and head out to find your next great steal!

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