Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer's gone!

Wow! Whoever said time flies when you're having fun wasn't kidding! The last few weeks have been filled to the brim with out of the ordinary fun stuff. Which means all of the ordinary not-so-fun-stuff gets pushed to the back burner, and even some of the ordinary fun stuff! Not much time for crafting when there are a million other things to get done!

First we had my oldest friend (longest friend?) and her two kiddos visit us for a week. She lives in Spokane so I don't get to see her nearly enough. We realized that this year marked a pretty big milestone for us! We have been friends for half our lives. That's crazy. She has been through so much lately and I'm glad that she was able to come visit. We spent the week doing pretty much nothing, except just being together, and it was quite fabulous! We did manage to sneak a trip to IKEA in, but that was basically it. A true, relaxing vacation. Which meant I was left with loads of chores when they left. Lame.

A few days after they packed up and left town The Garaging Mavens headed to our first vendor booth at a local consignment sale. Let's just say this was great practice for further sales. Even with all my preparation, I still wasn't prepared! Next time I want to have a lot more items made, in a larger variety. We did have a great time meeting lots of new faces, talking about how we would do things differently next time, and just getting to be with one another and visit without the constant background of children's voices. It was a great weekend!
Wasn't what we originally envisioned, but I think our space turned out pretty inviting. Makes ya want to come in and SHOP!

Tuesday night after the craft fair my family and I packed up and headed to the beautiful (yet horribly humid) state of South Carolina. My husband was born and raised there and our youngest brother was getting married. It was a wonderful ceremony, and I am truly grateful we were able to be there to share in their special day. So much fun to see so many family members. Our kids have a gaggle of boy cousins right around their ages, so you know that's gonna be a crazy good time. Our kids were completely exhausted by the weekends end, and then we got to drive 16 hours back home. Yay.

Our lovebirds freshly married. Such cuties!
Now we are back to reality. With all that hoopla summer just slipped away without me realizing it. Now with no trips or guests in sight it's time to break out the chore schedules (for Mom and kids), dust off the old menu board, and try to find some semblance of routine. First order of business, clean my craft space. Ha!

Time to get cleaning. Ick.
And just like that 3 weeks slipped past. Did anyone else feel like summer just disappeared? I totally wasn't ready for it to go! I always learn to love the lazy days of summer with time, but honestly I thrive on the scheduled days of fall! And bring on the sweater weather!

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