Friday, September 27, 2013

Pennys Top Five Fall Favorites

In my opinion, nothing is more motivating for wanting Fall to come than living in Texas in the sweltering heat!  This summer has been a little milder than others, and by that I mean it has been under 110 most days :), but looking ahead at the possibility of cooler weather makes me want to happen now! 
Shannon inspired me with her post earlier this week, so I thought I would share some of my Fall favorites as well.
1. Scarves - ask any of my friends and they can tell you that my absolute favorite thing, hands down, is scarves.  Nothing says fall to me more than scarves do! Now I have tried in the past to make scarves happen in the summer, but lets be honest.........its HOT, too hot for that in the summer! Now for me, I am a black, gray, blue jean kinda girl, and I add color and personality with my accessories. So my fall accessory is scarves, obviously. Honestly, for me scarves are an obsession.  I have been collecting them for many years and in my opinion, you can never have too many!

I love this website scarvesdotnet, which has a plethora of video tutorials on how to tie a scarf other than the norm. They also sell scarves, if you are looking for something new.  I use the website as inspiration and knowledge and I highly recommend you check it out!!

2. Outdoor beauty and smells  - yellowish-brown leaves crunching under my feet, darker skies, cooler air and crisp wind.....oh how the outdoors call my name when fall rolls around. The smells of crackling fires and rain in the air! I LOVE IT ALL! It makes me want to be outside all the time!

Beautiful Fall Outdoor Rooms
I love the look of this outdoor living room that I found at Southern Living/
 I am a city slicker, but I dream of the days when I can have an outdoor room like
this..............someday maybe!

3. Soups! - what is it about soup that makes you feel like you have been hugged and comforted? Soup can be hearty, meaty, vegetabaly (ok, that isn't a word), but the point is soup is perfect and warms the heart and soul. And let's talk about how easy soup can be! You can put it into the crockpot and let it cook up while your gone, or you can whip it up real quick on most nights! Perfection!!
My absolute favorite soup, is also super easy, but not quick, Crockpot Potato Soup!

potato soup1
{ source } Easiest Crockpot Potato Soup Ever!!!

potato soup2
Not the best picture, but TRUST ME.....this soup is Crazy

4. Cozy time in front of the fire - I love my family, and there is nothing more enjoyable after a long day than cuddling up with my peeps next to a crackling fire! Especially my super handsome husband :)......but I digress!  Anyway, who doesn't love to sit under a blanket with your honey, sipping on cocoa with marshmallows! Or better yet with homemade whip cream with crushed up peppermints <--- TRUST ME.....give it a shot!

The caption in the photo says it all! BEST EVER
from thefarmgirlrecipes.

5. Thanksgiving - so what is Thanksgiving to you? Is it lots and lots of food? Is it Football? Is it time with family and friends? Is it just a nice 4 or 5 day weekend?  For me, it is all those things! Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays, because it gives an excuse for extended family and friends to come together and enjoy each other! I can remember when I was growing up, we would always go to my Granddads house, with all the cousins, and play games, laugh, tell stories and of course EAT! Everyone shared in the cooking and everyone shared in the fun! As an adult, I try really hard to give my children the same experience that I had, so they too can look back and smile!
Have you ever done a craft project for Thanksgiving? Last year, some friends and I made these super cute t-shirts for our kids! It was so much fun spending time with them, and I left with a unique shirt that I look back on and smile!

This is my beautiful daughter Madison modeling the turkey shirt I made! Isn't it cute?

Well that's about it! Had to keep it to 5, or else I would go on for days at all the wonderful things about Fall!

What are your top 5?

.....................till next time! -- Penny

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