Friday, January 20, 2012

Garaging of all Garaging

The first time I went garaging was with my best friend Shannon.  It was amazing!  The possibilities are endless and I can honestly say that in heaven there will be a garage sale everyday!
Here are a few items we found that day and a few over the next month:

2 yards of black with white polka dotted fabric for $1!
3 wreaths and pink yarn for only .10 cents a piece!  What a steal! And Buttons!  I love buttons and this lot we got for about $4!

I am absolutely in love with children's books, especially vintage ones.  These were .50 cents a book.

An apothecary jar and light blue bud vase for $1 each.
My two oldest daughters fight over the small camping chair we have.  So for $2 I found another one they can still fight over.
One can always use a mail/paper holder.  This one was made by Home Interiors and I got it for just $5.
Love me some mason jars.  These were a special given out by Jack in the Box as a cup.  $1 for both.
One of my most amazing finds was this vintage Kodak Duoflex II Camera.  I got the camera and the old fruit crate for $15.  The guy I got it from drove a hard bargain but I stuck to my guns.
I love halloween and am always looking for items to use.  I bought the Jack O'Lantern for $1 and the lady through in the pumpkin candle holders.

Always remember that to get a better bargain, you want to bundle.  Bundling can lead to mega savings!

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