Thursday, January 19, 2012

DIY - China Hutch

A few weeks ago, I found THE hutch I have been looking for.  I saw one similar to it the very first time I went garaging with Shannon but passed it up.  This time I was not going to let it slip through my fingers.  I was so excited that I found it that I didn't even try to negotiate the price.  I scooped it up for $75.  The color had faded due to the sunshine that it received from the window it sat across from but I knew it could look beautiful again.

We started out by picking the new color.  I wanted to paint our table grey and white (a post will follow) and wanted something to compliment the new look.  Thankfully, my hubby and I were on the same page. We chose a beautiful ebony stain and got to work.

To make it easier to clean up, we hung clear plastic sheeting in the garage and started sanding away.  It took all day and a LOT of dust but you can see the potential.

Next comes the stain.  We applied two coats of stain to get the perfect color.

Don't forget the polyurethane!  We chose a satin finish and my hubby finally got to use his sprayer he purchased a year ago.  Re-hang plastic sheeting and make sure to tape some to the floor.  Making a "tent" when applying polyurethane will prevent any unwanted particles from sticking during the drying process.  It took several hours for the first coat to be applied and then a second coat was added. The hubs then added a third coat and by that time you could tell that exhaustion was setting in.
We only encountered one major problem and that was the handles.  They are 4" handles and most local hardware stores only care 3".  Not to worry though!  The hubs came through in a pinch and found some at Ace Hardware!  I think they match pretty well!

And viola!  For about $20 in supplies, you have a beautiful new china hutch!  I can not wait to put all of my tchotchkes in it!

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Awesome! Good job!