Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY - New Table Mable

We have had the same table for the last 4 years and it was in desperate need of a makeover.  It's an Ikea table set we bought off of craigslist for $75.  Not knowing when we will be purchasing a home, I didn't want to buy a brand new table for a space we didn't have yet, so it was time for another project.  I did a little research on Pinterest to see what designs I could find, along with what designs my hubby might enjoy.  We finally decided on a design similar to this countertop idea.  I wanted to change mine up a bit and came up with a different idea on creating a similar design.

First, you will need to pick your colors.  I chose an off white for my pattern and a light grey for the main color.  I missed this step due to laziness, however, I would prime everything first.  If you don't it will just take extra coats.  Paint the top of the table with the color you would like the lines to be.  Due to the lack of primer, it took me three coats with the off white to get it perfect.

When the paint is dry, you will need to create a grid.  My hubby came up with the idea of drawing it out with a pencil instead of using painters tape.

Then take the painters tape, and using the grid, place your tape along the lines to create your pattern. (I used the 1/2" wide painters tape.)  Remove and reposition as much as you need until you create the desired pattern.

Next, seal the lines of the paint by taking a brush and painting along the tape line.  I read about doing this when using tape on the wall.  It's supposed to prevent less bleeding under the tape.

Now using a mini roller, paint away, using your main color. It took four coats of paint around the entire table to get the effect I was looking for, although it would probably take less if I wasn't so ocd.

It is now time to remove the tape!  Look at the beautiful design! A-Maz-ing!

Next is the million coats of polyurethane!  The wood on this table is VERY sensitive and easily allows scratches.  Since we have three girls, three and under, I wanted to make sure that it was super protected.  We ended up applying about 10 coats of poly and it took FOR.EV.ER! Then sanded the top with a super fine sand paper to polish it.  It's now as smooth as glass!

Oh and don't forget the chairs!  The same steps apply.  Paint a few coats, apply poly(however many coats you are willing to put up with) and viola!
A new kitchen table!

It's so nice to have our kitchen table back!

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Shannon said...

The table turned out fantastic!! I can't wait to see it in person. Way to go!