Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Shop is Open!!

So for some reason we have not done a great job at keeping our blog up to daten but guess what I found...the blogger app! Woohoo! So now you will find us on here all the time!

Now that we are all pumped up about the new blogger app, lets get even more excited about our shop opening! We just launched it on June 1st. We rented a booth at Wishes and Dreams in Arlington, TX. We couldn't be more excited about the location within the shop! We love it so much! Here's a picture of us after we finished setting up. We looked a bit crazy from scrambling around all day getting everything ready. 

Shortly after opening though we realized that we have lots of friends and family that don't live nearby that like our stuff.  So with that being said, we will ship any items except furniture to you! Follow us on Instagram @thegaragingmavens to see all of our items that we have made and that are for sale!

Thank you to all of you for reading our blog and giving us support!

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